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Fosen Via Ferrata

Are you ready for this summer’s big news and experience here at Fosen? Fosen Via Ferrata is a completely newly established «climbing path», right in the center of Åfjord, on the mountain Mælanakken.

Fosen Via Ferrata

Our guides are ready to take you on a fantastic experience that offers beautiful fjord and mountain views, and if you look closely you may see the salmon bouncing in the Stordal river.

When you have finished the trip, you can enjoy the view from the top of the mountain, stay in the lovely summer heather or “hurry on” down to the center for a better lunch or dinner at one of Åfjord’s delicious restaurants.

Fosen Via Ferrata

Challenge your friends

Climb to the top of Åfjord

Experience Fosen on electric bike

We organize your entire stay at Fosen and are happy to include local food and great overnight stays. We offer unique experiences on electric bikes.

Experience Fosen

We have picked out some of the finest and integrated them into a magical electric bike ride. On this trip there are great opportunities to experience eagles, deer, elk, cranes, swans, and enormous nature.

Our electric bikes make it possible to have energy for more than just the bike ride. For the little ones, we have bicycle carts that are safe and comfortable to ride in.

Fosen around

Cycling together

Electric bike with long range

Other activities

Electric bike ride with or without guide

The right way to experience Fosen. With 30 powerful electric bikes in the stable, everyone can join in on a great experience on the bike seat. Can easily be combined with other experiences and activities.

Wind turbine safari

For or against? The “parks” are here, so let us together, preferably on an electric bike, experience the fantastic views from the parks as well as the somewhat striking scope of “Energy in Wind”. There are km upon km of perfect gravel roads for cycling that provide easy access to magical views, fishing lakes all year round and bathing spots. We can also add professional content around “Energy in Wind”.

Mangekamp / Femkamp

It will always be good to take the team with you and be challenged outside of everyday life. Feel the comfort zones and see new sides of the gang.

Ice fishing

It is now the fish is at its best. Join us for an unforgettable experience with our local and dedicated fishing guides.

Sea fishing

Authentic and hefty experience. Whether you join a full day in a fishing boat with a skipper and chef or go out alone on a smaller boat, we can help you get the maximum fishing experience.

Inland fishing

Our guides fish a lot. They do not share all the goodies, but they are happy to show you one or two fantastic fishing spots.


Not only an adrenaline rush, but also a fantastic nature experience. Our skippers are of the best kind and take the gang on a #fosen discovery you will soon forget. Can be combined with other experiences and means of transport.

Wilderness Day

This trip smells like fire. We make “black kettle coffee” and serve local food. Can easily be combined with some good wilderness activities. Together we find the perfect solution for a beautiful day outdoors. All year!

Sauna and winter swimming

Health and experience. Could it get better. From cold shock to heat shock.

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